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Email Marketing

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Additional services include Animation, Digital Content Design, Photography and Graphics are available

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Social Media Management – At GDEX Social we create and manage, what we consider the two most effective forms of social media for businesses in Trinidad, Facebook and Instagram.

1. Achieve marketing objectives

Creating a page that fits your business will harness a powerful voice and network presence. It would be designed and maintained to alleviate your connectivity with your customers while reaching your objectives.

2. Attractive Content

We transform your social media platform with high-quality content, daily activity, and increasing followers.

3. Create Ad campaigns

We help you to run targeted ads based on location, demographics, interests, behaviors, and connections so that you can reach the right audience, while receiving real time results.

4. Increased productivity

We take the strain off of you to put our full focus on your social media channels, to continuously help you build your brand, increase online exposure and communication and develop better customer service.

5. Budget friendly packages

We provide to you a customized tailored package, whereby we personalize everything that we do, so each package brings value and uniqueness.

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Social Media Management

Our Customized packages can include a combination of all the services our company provides, along with the following:

Social Media Profile Set up

Business Relavent posting at peak hours

Photography of products, workplace, etc.

Rapid response rates and fan engagement.

Monthly Statistical Analysis and Reporting.

Consistent audience building

Email marketing

Social Media Content Creation

Graphics and so much more!

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